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Tuesday 22 march 2011 update about Princess   Leave a comment

Today is the day that we which has following Little Princess from the start Waiting for the announcement about wich family will be chosen to to share their life with this  adoruble little Puppy girl Wich was found abounded before christmas 2010 She has done a remarcable recovering Her fur has grown out And her  eyes WOW No more sandness No more fear Only Joy Happines Trust   Bleakholt staf has done a exelent job They have given her soo much love and caring So now she is as happy as she always should have been Love to play with other fury friends Loving humans loving life      Its  so wonderful to see     And I will send a Huge thank you To Magnus Alvin He was the male that made the video on you tube Thats made her story known world wide And also to Aftonbladet which publish Princess story         And Princess  I wish you best of luck You  are looking to a BRIGHT future


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Wonderful updates Princess   Leave a comment

Today the news on Princess page on Facebook tell that she will be able to go outside Monday next week Oh so much she will have to discover Much to sniff on and evistigate And all the other animals wich live in Bleakholt she are going to meet She will also be able to play with other flurry friends  The news from her also tell that this will be filmed And earlier news also tell that she now had a neclace for the first time in her life That also means that her fur has grown  It is a pink one with a jingle I sure that suits here  After all She is a Princess   Her  life has not been easy She is worth all the best she can get  And this Little Princess will always have a special place in my heart for ever

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Face of Animal Cruelty   Leave a comment

There is one adoruble little puppy Her name is Princess She has given animal qruelty a face She was found abandoned in Coine Lancashire UK before Christmas 2010 She now live in one wunderful place Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary The staff found out that she was only 6 month old Suffering advanced form of Demotetic mange and her  skin was so delicate that even a warm jacket will iritate She has also never felt any kind of love She was scared for toys She was scared of everything And so very sad They sad it was Uk sadest dog But I say I NEVER have seen such sad dog I found out about her reading one of our daily newspaper Aftonbladet 27/12-2010 Then I found o photo of her on Internet That photo Oh my God This little puppy has suffer far far beyond your wildest nightmare She still in isolation The vet say that she not strong enough to have the vac This means that she not able to go outside And so it was from the day Bleakholt take care of her  She has a page on Facebook Plz Be her friend there And the only way we can pay this little Princess back Is to keep on donating Spread the words Become member of some animal rescue organisation The more members they get The stronger they will be Show the world that we will NOT accept animal cruelty  And if you have opportunity Open your heart and home And give some animal a loving caring home  The first time I read about here I cried But now when she is very well taken care of by the wonderful people on Bleakholt she is on here way to recover She even has found out what her tail is She wag it My my she is sa wunderful And every time I found updates on here page It makes me smile   Bleakholt has their own website          PRINCESS  I LOVE YOU

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Vanvårdade katter   Leave a comment    8 katter i Varberg var så illa däran att de avlivades Trots detta kommer ägaren ej att åtalas för djurplågeri  enligt vad som står i GT   SKANDAL

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Finns bara ett ord   Leave a comment

SKANDAL!!!!!!! —1.html

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Stackars barn   Leave a comment

En mamma anser att om hon ger sitt barn 300 000 kronor Då ger hon sitt barn kärlek Men, kramar.närhet.mänsklig värme då?????Sånt kan inga 300 000 ersätta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                

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Tårarna flödar   Leave a comment

Frågar mig gång på gång med vilken rätt vi männsikor begår dessa övergrepp på Djuren och dess naturliga boplatser Skövlingen av regnskgogen kan bara led till katastrof  Och vad är det för människor som anser sig att ha rätt att plåga dessa stackars djur FY FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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